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16 Nov 2022

There's a Reason the Omakase Dining Experience Is Unlike Any Other

Situated on 850-square-feet of the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel’s roof sits Saishin, an Omakase sushi experience at the helm of Chef Frankie-Yong Doon. The restaurant is centered around a custom-created quartz omakase bar that seats 16 (with 50 additional seats at tables lining the perimeter of the rooftop offering New York City skyline views). The name Saishin translates to ‘something new’— “My goal is to create a new and unique meal for each guest I meet at the omakase bar—to ask them to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures,” Chef Frankie says. Saishin also does a la carte dining and a few inventive dishes include Hikarimono Saba with green apple and goma, and the corn leaf smoked tasmanian ocean trout topped with Smoky onion. (12-course omakase $135, 15-course omakase $175)

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