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25 Jul 2022

A Summer Soiree To Remember Hosted By Jason Rembert With Grand Marnier

The history of Grand Marnier dates six generations back to 1827 when Jean Baptiste Lapostolle built a high-quality fruit liqueurs distillery in Neauphle-le-Château, a small city outside of Paris. Fast forward to 1876, the granddaughter of Lapostolle married Louis-Alexandre Marnier, a man from a family of wine merchants who also distributed Lapostolle's products. Louis-Alexandre had a bold idea to mix cognac with a rare variety of oranges from the Caribbean. This avant-garde way of thinking was the birth of Grand Marinier orange and cognac liqueur, whose recipe has remained unchanged.

Last week, Grand Marnier and celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Jason Rembert, collaborated to celebrate maximalism. Both brands work closely with the style principle - emphasizing unexpected twists, layered sophistication, and bold ideals. At the event, held at the Gansevoort Rooftop in NYC, Rembert debuted his JR Maximalist Margarita created specifically for his tastes and styled by him.

A Summer Soiree In NYC

When daydreaming about summer in New York City, a classic rooftop party typically sets the scene. You're surrounded by skyline views, warm air, groovy tunes, and delicious drinks.

The Gansevoort soiree hosted by Rembert in collaboration with Grand Marnier took guests through an interactive cocktail experience. They learned about the liqueur's way of elevating a classic margarita, giving it maximalist potential, by blending cognac and orange. Guests were then able to take things a step further and challenge their styling skills by adding garnishes and glassware, all of which were curated by Rembert, to fit their own unique styles.